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Thursday, October 20, 2011


The things I think the things I feel, over emotional or totally real? Confusion mistaken for doubt. Happiness seen as sadness. Loneliness thought of as independence. All mixed up. Causing a scene. Causing pain and strife. Moral dilemmas come to mind and cross your path. What is right for one person may be wrong to another. What is to be done may not be easy. But it has to be done. These are our moments and our problems. To us they may feel like the end of the world at the moment but they are not. and other will not see them as we do and think we are being over baring or exaggerating things but we aren't to us that moment the pain and strife is very real.  Their are others out there with things way worse than our superficial emotional issues and we know this but our feelings are ours and our feelings are real t us and thy need to be shard and dealt with or thy will lead to something that can possibly be destructive. and that is never a good thing. Our problems are ours and ours alone most of the time. We deal with them the best we can. When they are our own and not someone else's they are more real and hit harder than anything else.  

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