fairy dust plum

Thursday, July 19, 2012

makes me sad

Ok I know I am not thin. I am fat, over weight, obese whatever you want to call it. But what pisses me off and makes me sad in this world is that adults, ADULTS, will point stare laugh crack jokes at my expense because of it. I mean seriously your suppose to be grown up and mature but you act worse than freakin kids. It's bad enough when 13 year old kids do it. I mean yeah, they shouldn't but they are still immature in age and worldly knowledge. But as an adult you really really should know better. Hearing these things and seeing these things when I go out to the store or try to go have a nice dinner with my family hurts, a lot. It makes me cry inside and sometimes when I get home I do cry into my pillow. I have resolved to do something about it and I am and just because you can't see that doesn't mean it isn't being done. Sometimes there are medical reason for things and sometimes it is just pure laziness. And I will straight out admit it's a combination of both on my part. But for people to point, stare, whisper, cracks jokes, and laugh at me that doesn't help me feel better about anything I am trying to do at all. The fact that I am judge based on my looks doesn't help things. I am not the prettiest girl out there. I am not a super model, or a star. But I am me and I have feelings. I do the best I can with what I have. I am slowly trying to changes things I don't like about me. So don't get your jolly's off by using me as the object of your jokes. Use yourself because i am sure you have some ugly traits that need to be changes as well. More than likely starting with your maturity level if your making fun of my looks.