fairy dust plum

Friday, March 9, 2012

Dreams of you

I woke up today and you was on my mind. You ran with me in my dreams in a land that is not so far. Brushed my hair out of my face when the rain started falling. twirled me around in circles and dance with the drops falling on our faces. Soaking our clothes through and making them stick. You didn't care because you all you said you needed was to have me near. You held my hand and tangled your fingers in between mine. brought my hand up to your lips and kissed it said "always be mine". I smiled gently and looked deep into your eyes and mouthed the words very quietly "and you will always be mine." And with a kiss that tasted so sweet and lingered on forever the rain stopped and the sun rose. The grass began to dry. A noise from outside this world rang out in the sky. I woke up with a smile and thinking of you. Still able to taste that kiss lingering on my lips. I will go through the day with a smile that no one will understand until I am able to meet with you in my dreams again.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

the light in the dark

In a dark tunnel I have been for a long time. And suddenly a light appears. A unknown light one that is not familiar to me but feels like I have had it all along. It is warm and inviting. And holds something sweet. The picture of a warm summer day appears in my mind. The nice warm breeze blowing through my hair. my skin being kissed by the sun. Reaching out, I, feel you. You warmth and comfort. Like a dream come true. Into your arms you fold me and pull me close. Letting me hear your heartbeat taking in your scent and letting me relax into you. But then the coldness washes over me and the light is fading. I rush and scamper to try and hold onto it. Running towards it because i know that i want it in my life. It's not a need it is want. Just pure and utter want. Your light is being pulled away and i am trying to make it stay. Please don't leave me in the dark to fight with my own vices stay with me light it up so I can see it all and help me fight through all of it.