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Sunday, September 4, 2011

things i want

These are things i just thought i would list. Things that i would like to have done for me kind of like dreams but very reachable and doable with out to much effort and training on my part ya know.

1.) A romantic Candle light dinner home cooked.
2.) Breakfast in bed
3.) Picked up after a long trip and greeted with a great kiss and flowers.
4.) a long kiss in the pouring rain
5.) a Picnic in the park
6.) romantic getaway weekend in a cabin with a fire place and nothing or no one else close by.
7.) a day where i get no bad news.
8.) a love letter
9.) flowers just because and my fav flowers not their signature flower.
10.) a massage
11.) to be swept off my feet.
12.) to write something people love to read.
13.) to be happy with the way I am
14.) find peace with things
15.) to be loved the way i am suppose to be loved the way i deserved to be loved.
16.) to have my desires met and cared about and talked about and thought about

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