fairy dust plum

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Lost In Us

Your lips stop my heart when they reach mine
The taste of your mouth so sublime
The caress of your fingers against my cheek
Running them through my hair
Your eyes pierce my soul
You know me better than anyone

Each heartbeat says your name
Every thought has your smile
The breaths that I take
Help me breathe in the moments
I don't want to depart
So, tonight I will get lost in us

Laying between the sheets bodies intertwined
Fingers interlocked my head on your chest
We talk about hopes and dreams
Expressing out deepest feelings
As you kiss the sweat from my forehead
Hold me tight I know whats screaming from inside

Each heartbeat says my name
Every thought has my smile
The breaths that you take
Help you breathe in the moments
You don't want depart
So, tonight you'll get lost in us

Having you by my side
Gives me such a high
The ecstasy I feel
When your pressed against me
Hard to deny the connection
We feel deep inside
So many moments apart
Maybe one day it will stop

Our heartbeats say each others names
Every thought we have is filled with our smiles
The breaths that we take
Helps us breath in the moments
We don't want to depart
So, tonight we will get lost in us

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