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Saturday, December 3, 2011


I am so bloody fucking pissed right now it's just not right. He ask me what is wrong why I have been so guarded so I tell him, and he turns it around on me. And makes his problems his issues my fault. What the hell? He does things and acts in a way that scares me and it is my fault. He says that I am the unstable one. That I am the one with all the problem and issues. But that is just not true. Yes I have a few things that I am going through emotionally but I am not unstable. I am hurt and confused. I am tired and stressed. I am tired of fighting of being strong. I just want happiness. I want laughter and smiles. I want simpleness and fun. I want everything to be ok. I just want to.......be.

Peace is hard to come and there will always be problems and stuff and I understand that. There is a common ground, there is somewhere we can find a little bit of peace not total peace but a little. To lay in the arms of the one I love and not feel like I was mad to do it. To not feel scared, but too feel safe. I want to feel safe. I wish for  my prince my knight in shining armor. Where is he? When will he come and rescue me from my depression and loneliness?

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