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Thursday, April 12, 2012

My Love

I think I found you my prince charming. You walked into my life and I wasn't really trying. You made me smile when I was down. A smile I though was gone for ever when someone else closed the door on my heart. You are cute the way you lean on your hand and smile watching me sing. You pull all of my heart strings. I didn't think that I could again but then you came and I found it. Right there deep inside. I know that you can't rescue me all on my own. I have to help and we can do this together. Tell me how to save myself, to save us and I will do what I can. I don't want to lose you. I want you to always be my man. Be my shoulder I cry on when I am feeling sad. Be the chest I lay my head upon when we go to bed. Be the laughter that I hear when I trip over air pockets. Be the strong arms I feel to pick me up when I fall. Be the eyes that I look into to see all the love the world has ever known. Make the passion burn inside of me with a furry that has not been there in years. Love me with all your being and you will ever know. Take me in your arms and kiss me and never let me go. My prince charming you can be, you have become. You are everything I need flaws and perfection all in one a perfect combination that will always last. Be mine forever and always and never let go. My Prince, My love.

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