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Monday, June 13, 2011

million pieces

A heart that is torn into a million pieces. I wonder if there is enough super glue to put it back together. Each piece can be fixed with the answer that are seeked. Each piece has it's place among the time of answers. It's hard to say right form wrong when the wrongs feel so right. The love that comes with it and the other things to are things that I want and not let go. But not only does it cause pain for me but it does for others. This is the weight upon my shoulders. The things I feel the things I want collide together.

Causing a million other crashes in hearts all round me. People hurting because i am people hurting because i am not giving them what they want. Hurt to be loved and hurts to love. Hurts to see the truth and peak it but hurts to hold it inside. Tears are cried over it all. Fallen to a shirt to soak to the bone. Sleepless nights of wondrous thoughts. Of dreams that have come to stalk. Of the things you wish you could have and want to be.

These are hard times and not because of money. Because of feelings. Feelings that surround us every where we go over everything. Things that remind us of things long ago things that remind us of moment not so long ago. To love and hold is what i seek with the one i feel the most complete. These tears i wish they would stop fallin and I could rest peacefully. But without hat comfort that I have form the warmth of those sweet thoughts and dreams I can not.  My choices lay in front of me and i know what i have to do but i am not sure it is in my heart to hurt anyone more than I already have.

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