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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Love story to tell

I want a love story to tell. I want to have that moment when you look across the room and see him for the first time that you know. That there is something special about that person. That they was put here on the face of this planet just for you.

I want a love story to tell. I want to talk about the first kiss that made me melt. The kiss that made body tingle. Had me feel like I was floating and the rest of the world did not exist for a few moments. That was nothing else in the world but the 2 of us.

I want a love story to tell. He came and rescued me form my demons. He slayed the dragon for me to save me from uncertain troubles. That he would rescue me or try his hardest when there is trouble in my life. Be there by my side holding my hand and facing the world no matter what they say. No matter what the fight was that we had.

I want a love story to tell. That you will let no ocean no person no matter the distance come between us and keep us apart. You will swim, fly, crawl until after your last breath to be with me. To know that I was safe and happy. To try and give me, us, happily ever after.

I want a love story to tell.

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